The Founders Lane Master Plan in Braddon, ACT, proposes a new, mixed-use precinct with buildings ranging between 5 and 11 storeys.

The existing analogy of the city, abutting Cooyong Street, is one of the mediaeval settlement. The city represents the castle, bounded by impenetrable and unfriendly walls (the multi-storey carpark), the city walls. On Currong Street, however, low-density suburban archetypes (the village) sit almost in isolation, with no relationship between the two. Therefore, a key driver for the scheme is to locate new high-density forms on the northern side of Cooyong Street. This key driver creates the opportunity to present to the city a new permeable and dynamic city wall. A series of transitionary forms step down in scale and language to respond to the scale of the suburban cluster of Currong Street.

The Founders Lane Master Plan presents a new master planning response to the city. This response transforms Cooyong Street into an inviting ‘city street’ with buildings facing the intersections, rather than being orthogonal to the street. This orientation, therefore, creates active nodes along the street, promoting the intersection as the exemplar of ‘city activity.’

The Founders Lane Master Plan proposes new forms, terracing back from Cooyong Street buildings, with above ground public spaces and landscaped areas. This spaces and forms create a precinct which has high levels of vertical public activity combined, also, with an exciting 3-dimensionalised experience.

Strong pedestrian links between Cooyong Street and Currong Street, through the middle of the sites, rather than along footpaths, create a unique and exciting pedestrian experience. These links also result in high levels of public amenity and are fashioned with arcades, internal courtyards and parks. Additionally, links also incorporate a number of high quality existing registered trees.

A mixed-use precinct with residential, commercial, retail and community opportunities.

Master Planning.



Braddon, ACT.

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