The commission of the Pablo Sales Gallery in Braddon, ACT, was to complement and assist with the sale of apartments at the new Founders Lane Precinct.

The design and resultant form of the Pablo Sales Gallery is a physical representation of the experience of buying an apartment. The spaces, forms, arrangement and circulation are mapped around a storyboard journey of exploring, deciding and purchasing an apartment.

The Pablo Sales Gallery is essentially a continuous loop. The building form overlaps itself and presents to the street a dynamic and original form to the existing streetscape. The transient nature of a sales gallery also provides the opportunity to explore forms and building mass in a completely sculptural and contemporary manner.

Interior finishes and materials of the Pablo Sales Gallery reflect and describe the various options available to apartment purchasers in the new precinct.


Narrative Development, Design & Documentation.



Braddon, ACT.

 FRONT Architects claim copyright in the works comprising this project. Sean Hogan was the Practice Director of FRONT Architects and lead architect for this project while employed at FRONT. FRONT Architects claim moral rights concerning the works comprising this project.