The Mark in Braddon, ACT, is the first stage of the Founders Lane Precinct, which sits on the edge of Ainslie Avenue, Currong Street and Cooyong Street.

This prominent, landmark development creates a transition between the city centre and Braddon. Additionally, a strong visual link connects to the Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centre. The design of The Mark is based heavily on the expression of the large American Elm which sits on the north-eastern face of the site.

The main approach to the arrangement of built forms on The Mark is the exemplification of the experience of living around the large American Elm.

The American Elm forms a natural plaza/landscape forecourt to setting to the northern site, with buildings grouped around it. The tree has an expansive, generous canopy creating a large sheltered space in the warmer months with filtered views of the new buildings. In autumn, the colour changes to from green to brilliant yellows and reds. The tree, therefore, becomes the heart of the new development.

The Mark responds to the nature of the tree through the use of materiality and, form and articulation.

Angled panels forming walls and balconies reflect the overlapping layers of leaves. Additionally, dry-stone courtyard walls, building bases and metal elements reflect the rough trunk and bark of the tree.

The southern building, facing Cooyong Street, contains two levels of commercial/retail, which sit under the new canopy of residential apartments. Level 1 has perimeter façade planters with recessed courtyards. These recessed courtyards create strong vertical links to the street activity. Additionally, there is also childcare centre on level 1 on the corner of Petrie Street and Cooyong Street, with views to the city activity.  The broad residential mass above protects the childcare centres outdoor space.

The soffit and exposed columns of the southern building are lined with perforated metal in a jagged overlapping, organic pattern. This perforated metal cladding creates a fissured pattern of ever-growing and ever-expanding fractal branches, reminiscent of a canopy. The cladding of the southern buildings residential mass is a patterned glass façade with three shades of blue ranging from dark blue tint to clear with an undulating pattern, reminiscent of the changing colour of the leaves in seasonal change.

Mixed use residential – 329 apartments with commercial and retail uses at ground level and level 1, with childcare also at level 1.

Narrative Development & Design.



Braddon, ACT.

 FRONT Architects claim copyright in the works comprising this project. Sean Hogan was the Practice Director of FRONT Architects and lead architect for this project while employed at FRONT. FRONT Architects claim moral rights concerning the works comprising this project.

3D renderings by Floodslicer.